Six Costly Mistakes Parents Make When Buying Teen Driver Insurance


For many parents, having a new driver
in the house can be scary. Of course, you worry about their safety. All parents
Now that you’ve taken every possible
precaution to make sure your child drives safely, it’s time to learn how you
can avoid paying outrageous insurance rates and protect your family’s future
from a lawsuit – a lawsuit that can devastate your family’s financial situation
for years to come. !
In this report, I’m going to share
some secrets with you that the majority of people in the insurance industry
will never want you to know. This includes other agents, adjusters and
especially the managers of the insurance companies themselves.
You will discover the top secrets of
the insurance industry!
Why are these secrets so closely kept
from the public? Because if every consumer knew about them, it would cost
insurance companies dearly.
Why am I so willing to share these
secrets with you? Because I can, it’s good for you and it’s good for my
You see, I don’t work for an
insurance company. I am not an employee who has to do what an employer (the
insurance company) tells me to do. I’m a business owner who works for my
clients – not a single business that keeps my mouth shut.
My clients benefit greatly from
knowing the full truth about this business. They understand what their rights
are and they learn the best ways to get the most coverage for the least amount
of money.
Having the freedom to give my clients
100% loyalty and truly looking out for them has helped my business in many ways
– the most important is that my clients trust me and are extremely loyal to me.
My clients stay with me for years and even want me to help the closest people
like their family and friends.
OK, let’s see why you are reading
this report.
The 7 Costly Mistakes Parents Make
When Buying Teen Driver Insurance
Let’s start with 7th place and work
on the most important …

Costly Mistake # 6

Minimum Deductibles – Your
“deductible” is the amount you pay when you make a claim before your
insurance “kicks in”. In other words, if you have a claim of $ 1,000
and a deductible of $ 250, you pay the first $ 250 and your insurance company
pays the next $ 750.
The downside of increasing your
deductible is that when you make a claim, you pay more. The advantage of
increasing your deductible is that your premium will decrease, sometimes up to
15% to 30% on your collision and all perils insurance.
Since the rates for young drivers are
higher, the savings for higher deductibles are also higher. Usually you can
save enough in a short time to cover a higher deductible if you have a claim.
So, consider increasing your
deductibles, especially for the car your teenager drives!

Costly Mistake # 5

Not taking advantage of ALL discounts
– Insurance companies reward drivers they believe are good risk with deep
discounts. Here are some common discounts you should look out for or:
• a reduction for the safe driver
• Good payer discount
• a reduction on automatic seat belts
• a reduction on the airbag
• Reduction for 55 years and retirees
• ePolicy
• eBill
• Discount for good students or
• Multi-policy discount (more on this
Not all insurance companies offer all
of these discounts. You have to find a company that does. Not taking advantage
of these discounts could cost you 40% or more!

Costly Mistake # 4

Place the young driver on a separate
policy – This is usually one of the first options many parents consider. They
believe that if they buy a separate policy for their teenage driver, the rates
for their other cars will not go up.
While this part may be true, the teen
driver policy rate is increasing dramatically for two reasons. First, there
will not be a multi-policy single car discount on the teenager’s policy, and
second, you will need to purchase a policy from a high risk insurer. “High
risk” insurance companies charge rates more than double that of a standard
It can cost you a lot more than
higher rates by placing your teenager on a separate policy!
Insuring your home and cars with two
different agents. When you split up your home and car insurance with two
different agents, you’re most likely paying too much
Insurance companies make more money
when you insure everything with them. That is why they offer such big discounts
for multiple policies. They know that if you have more than one policy with
them, you’re likely to stay with them longer. Which is fine, as long as you are
saving money and getting good service. Right
The problem with this is how do you
know that you are really saving money? If you have a good relationship with
your local agent, you’ll know if they are concerned about offering you the best
rate by how often they ask you to come in for policy reviews. If your agent
invites you to pop into the office and review your policy for discounts to make
sure you are paying th best possible price for your insurance, you’ll know they
are trying to save you as much as possible – all the time
Another great benefit to using a
local agent is that in rare cases, you may not want to combine your insurance
with one company. Good, trust-worthy local agents will still offer to review
those other policies that aren’t with them to make sure you are covered
properly and help you decide if you are getting all the discounts on that one,
too – even if it’s with another company

Costly Mistake #3

Not taking advantage of your good
credit rating- Here’s a very little known secret that can save you thousands
for years to come
Insurance companies have been using
credit ratings to underwrite premiums for decades now. They know that if
someone is responsible enough to have good credit, they are usually more
responsible drivers. So, they offer lower rates to these customers
You can be rewarded for your good
credit with special low rates for your teen driver too
Did you know that if you have good
credit, there is one insurance company that can give extra low rates for your
teen drivers too? That’s right. If you as a parent have good credit, they will
give you special rates for your teen driver. They figure if parents have good
credit and are responsible, the young driver will most likely be responsible
To find out how much you can save
because of your good credit, call my office

Costly Mistake #2

Lower Liability Limits to Save Money-
This mistake can cause you financial disaster
Many times parents will cut back
their liability limits just to save a few bucks- thinking nothing will happen.
However, teen drivers are five times more likely to get into an accident than
an experienced driver, and the cost of a teen drivers claim is typically three
to five times higher
The smartest decision a parent can
make is to increase the liability limits to at least 250/500/100 and add a
million dollar liability umbrella. This is the cheapest way to get great
coverage. You can do this and still save money
By following all of the advice I have
given you in this report, you can get quality coverage and still save money

The # 1 Most Costly Mistake

Make When Insuring Their Teen Driver 
Using an insurance company employee
as an agent- Don’t trust your hard earned dollars with someone who’s not an
expert in Home and Auto insurance. This agent isn’t interested in your
protection or saving you money. Their loyalty rests with their ability to sell
you a one-size-fits-all policy that won’t protect you when you need it
You need an authority – an agent that
is knowledgeable enough to understand the inner workings of policies, and that
listens to you to address your true needs. The authority in your area for home
and auto insurance will be easy to find. When you call to get a quote, if they
ask you for your name, rank, and serial number – they are usually just doing
the minimum work necessary to get you the lowest price, one-size-fits-all policy.
These are the majority of insurance companies and agents out there with their
name on a shingle
When you find someone that wants to
talk to you about your financial security, the safety of your teen driver, the
discounts you can qualify for and the strategies you can use to help you
control your rates while you have teen drivers – that’s the agent you want to
do business with. That’s the agent that offers the best value
The only insurance agent that can
truly look out for your best interests is an authority, an expert. These agents
will work for you and will go to bat for you- especially when you have a claim
Insurance is a very technical
business. Policies, coverages, endorsements, exclusions. I’ve studied the
details: auto insurance companies with the best rates, the most discounts and
the best claims service
If you want an agent that is an
expert in family protection- understanding the insurance needs of family’s with
teen drivers, works for YOU- not an insurance company and will work diligently
to deliver you the best protection at the lowest cost,
call my office for an instant quote
on your coverage

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