Mesa Auto Insurance – 4 Surprising Questions That Determine Who Gets the Best Auto Insurance Rates


If you’re looking for a good rate on
your Mesa auto insurance, I have good news and bad news. First bad news:
Arizona as a whole is the 14th most expensive state for auto insurance. The
city of Mesa averages around 10,000 reported traffic accidents per year, which
affects everyone’s fares. And to make matters worse, Mesa and the greater
Phoenix metropolitan area ranked 4th nationally for auto theft. These and other
factors have contributed to Mesa being consistently one of Arizona’s 3 most
expensive cities for auto insurance.
The good news is that the Arizona
insurance market is full of companies fighting to win your business. A recent
report from the Arizona Department of Insurance indicated that 152 companies
are actively seeking new clients in Mesa. In fact, the cost of auto insurance
in Mesa has gone down every year since 2005. So if you haven’t purchased
insurance for a while, you may be paying too much.
Now, if you want to get the best auto
insurance rates possible, you need to understand that almost every question on
a quote affects your rate in one way or another. Questions that seem the most
absurd often make a big difference in your rate. In this article, we’re going
to take a look at a few questions that many people regularly answer
incorrectly, just to get through the quote faster. Don’t make the same mistake,
it costs you money.

Question # 1: What is your highest
level of education?

When I was an agent, I hated asking
this question, but education makes a big difference with a lot of insurance
Having a high school diploma or GED
can help, but having a bachelor’s degree usually has the biggest impact. While
a degree is unlikely to make you a better driver, some companies have
statistically proven that graduates file fewer claims. Fewer claims mean more
profit. And more profit means lower rates for everyone.

Question # 2: What is your

The main reason insurance companies
want to know about your profession is because it helps them understand how your
vehicle is used.
If you do outside sales or travel
regularly to meet with clients, you may need to indicate that your vehicle is
used for “business” purposes. Certain occupations, such as delivery
drivers, couriers and contractors, may need a commercial policy for their
vehicle, not personal insurance. And if someone is a retiree, a housewife, or a
home worker, they can say their vehicle is used for “fun” and pay
less than someone who commutes to work every day.

Question # 3: Are you the owner?

Some insurance companies offer the
best auto insurance rates for people who own a home, even if the home is
insured with another company. If you decide to buy your auto and home insurance
with the same company, you will usually get a nice discount on multiple
Obviously, you don’t want to buy a
house just to save money on your auto insurance. If you are currently renting,
some insurance companies will also give a discount on their auto insurance when
you have tenant insurance.

Question # 4: When does your current
policy expire?

There are many reasons why insurance
companies ask for the expiration date of your current policy.
Reason # 1: They want to make sure
you have insurance. The Insurance Research Council has estimated that at least
1 in 5 drivers in Mesa do not have insurance. When you go without insurance,
you are at greater risk for the insurance company. As far as they know, you
could have had an accident when you didn’t have insurance and plan to claim it
after you started a new policy.
Reason # 2: You may be eligible for
an additional discount. Many insurance companies give an “early buyer’s
discount” to people who buy insurance at least a week before they need it.
To benefit from this discount with the greatest number of insurance companies,
obtain quotes at least two weeks before the end of your current contract.

In conclusion

We could easily spend hours going
through each of the questions that appear on a standard Mesa auto insurance
quote form. At the end of the day, the best thing to do is to answer each
question as precisely as possible. There are insurance companies for every type
of customer. It’s just a matter of finding the one that’s right for you. Good
luck in your research.
Ryan Moore is a recently retired
insurance agent. Its simple, no-frills insurance industry explanations are
useful to anyone looking to save money on their insurance. For detailed reviews
of the best sites to get Arizona auto insurance quotes [],
visit their site [http: //www.arizona-auto- insurance-guide. com /].

Plus, there are ways to get
the best auto insurance rates for teens

Auto insurance for teens tends to be
expensive. Indeed, young drivers under the age of 20 are statistically more
likely to be involved in a car accident than adults. Since the risk is much
higher, it’s no wonder teenage drivers are expensive to insure. Insurance
companies also take into account other factors such as gender and location.
Studies also show that boys are more likely to engage in unsafe driving habits
than girls, so premium rates for teenage boys are generally higher than for
teenage girls. If you want to get your car insured, you and your parents need
to know how to get the best auto insurance rates for teens.
First, you need to obtain an Advanced
Driver’s Certificate or Pass Plus from an accredited driving school. By having
the certificate, you are entitled to a ten to twenty percent discount on your
auto insurance rates. You should also keep in mind that the smaller the car,
the lower the rates. A smaller car has a smaller engine and is therefore
cheaper to insure. An older car is also less likely to be in a car crash
because it might not be able to go very fast, unlike newer sports cars that
teens can use for high speed driving. As a result, most insurance companies
also grant lower rates for older cars. You should also keep your driving record
as clean as possible. You must have a good record to get lower rates. The fewer
accidents and parking tickets you have, the lower the premium rates. Another
common practice is to increase your deductible. You have the option of
increasing the excess payments on your policy to keep your premium payments
lower. Last but not least, you should compare insurance quotes to find the
insurance company that offers the best rates for teens. There are many websites
that offer quote comparison services, so you don’t have to contact each
insurance company individually.
These are some of the best ways to
get cheap auto insurance rates for teens. Of course, there are factors beyond
your control, such as gender and location. However, you can focus on the things
you can control, such as your driving habits and the vehicle you own. By following
the tips given above, hopefully you can get lower premium rates.

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